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Proactive Tax Strategies

Proactive Tax Strategies

At the Law Office of Christy Lee, P.C. in Honolulu, we will carefully assess your current financial situation. Then, based on our findings we will discuss the most suitable options for you. We will do our very best, so you can achieve your fiscal goals in both the short and the long term. We will also analyze the best strategies available to ensure your full compliance with the tax law requirements. Reducing your tax liability and the risks of IRS audits will also be among our top priorities.

Tax Maintenance Program

Our tax professionals work around the clock to stay in touch with the most recent modifications to tax laws. As a result, our clients can expect the latest information and up-to-date advice in this field. You will achieve both goals, reduce your tax liability while ensuring that you are in compliance with the Internal Revenue Code.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

We understand how important sound and reliable accounting practices are when it comes to your tax liability.  Get in touch with our tax professionals by giving us a call or paying us a visit today to see how we at the Law Office of Christy Lee, P.C in Honolulu, can assist you with all your accounting and bookkeeping needs.

Estate Planning Services

Our team of tax professionals will carefully evaluate your current assets situation. Then, we will work with you to eliminate or diminish the potential stress and costs your loved ones are very likely to face during the dispersal of your property without the professional advice and guidance.

Determination of Business Entity

If you’re planning to launch a new business, then you need the safe and affordable guidance from a team of professional and knowledgeable tax experts, such as the Law Office of Christy Lee, P.C. in Honolulu. There are so many things, you need to take care of the right way, from choosing the right business type to ensuring full compliance with the tax law and regulations.

Business Compliance Program

If you are a proud business owner, then you know and understand how important is the full compliance with the law for ensuring your company’s success. If for some reason you fail to comply, then you can expect time-consuming and expensive actions that are necessary to protect your business practices.

Gift Tax Returns

If you aren’t quite sure about your obligations regarding your gift tax returns, then your best option is to consult our tax attorneys. They will provide you with the most suitable solution for your specific problems.

Estate Tax Returns

Our work begins with a simple question? Does your estate need to include an estate tax return? If that’s the case, then you should hire a pro to avoid all complications related to the valuation of your assets.

Probate & Estate Administration

If you need to represent an estate, call us or visit our Law Office of Christy Lee, P.C. in Honolulu. Our help and assistance with the complex legal proceedings will allow you to focus your attention and resources on issues far more important.

Trust Administration

We will carefully evaluate your trust provisions and records. In addition, we will also help you with the decision-making process that involves the trust. We will take care of the trust disclosures to the beneficiaries, and tax filings.  If necessary, we will appear on your behalf before the court.

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