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About Us

Our practice has been founded on the honest belief that a person dealing with the IRS-related issues has the right to professional and affordable legal representation. From our first-hand experience, we have understood that the most common tax mistakes occur as a result of the taxpayer’s lack of professional guidance and knowledge. Not all taxpayers are trying to defraud the government deliberately and intentionally. Unfortunately, the IRS often tends to ignore or miss noticing these subtle differences in taxpayer’s actions.

From this conviction we have developed an advanced and progressive tax approach that has helped a number of clients to find an acceptable solution for their tax issues. We can also ensure the full compliance and cooperation with Internal Revenue Code and federal and state statutes while we are providing our services. Our Honolulu office is conveniently located, so you can easily reach us and discuss your tax-related concerns and demands.

One of the most frequently asked questions is, why should you use a tax attorney rather than a CPA? Well, here’s a handful of reasons you should consider:

  • A tax attorney can claim attorney-client privilege. That’s something a CPA can’t claim. In other words, all information you disclose to us will be protected, because we aren’t required to disclose everything to the court, the IRS, or other tax agencies.
  • The majority of tax-related matters are resolved with the help of negotiations. When it comes to reaching acceptable agreements and resolving conflicts, no CPA can match the skills and expertise of a tax lawyer.
  • The main focus of a CPA’s activities are the accounting techniques rather than the tax law. Only a tax lawyer can provide you with the knowledgeable and complete advice about your current legal situation.
  • A CPA provides only the so-called CPA-type of services, such as bookkeeping, audits, tax return preparations, and similar. On the other side, you have a tax lawyer, who can help you with the estate, probate, business formation, trust guidance, business compliance, complicated tax issues and filings.

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